Skischool Semmler in Winterberg


The fact that our meeting points are right in the ski area provides you with unique advantages. Due to the perfectly located starting points, you can begin your skiing fun with your skiing instructor straight away and can enjoy your teaching to the full, without losing valuable time in the cable car!




  • What is the minimum group size?

    A group is formed when at least 4 people register, with less than 4 people it is possible to merge groups or the time is reduced.

  • When do the ski lessons start?

    Group lessons are possible in the hole week. The usual lesson times are from 10.00am to 12.0pm and/or from 1.00pm to 3.00pm 

  • Does one have the possibility to enter a group lesson any day of the week?

    Half-day group lessons are possible. For childern from 3 to 5 years can do only 2 hour aday. All other group lessons are available on a full-time basis, from 10.00am to 12.00pm and from 13.00pm to 15.00pm.

  • Is it possible for our children to be in the same group?

    First of all, the division is based on the children's ski/snowboard ability, age and language. If your children have about the same level, it is no problem at all to group them together. However, we ask you to voice your request before the group division. If the children do not have the same level, but still want to be in the same group, the child with the higher level will have to join the child with the weaker level.

  • Do we have to book the lunchtime?

    No, that is not necessary. If you are not sure on how to arrange the lunch break, you can buy the lunch tickets day by day. The lunchtime is with the instructors in the Restaurant. Parents are allowed to visit the childern in the restaurant. 



  • Will I get my money back if my child does not like it at the ski school?

    In principle it is not possible to cancel a lesson. The ski school has several offers: for example, the first day try-out lesson or extension prices to keep your "risk" as low as possible. If, for any reason, it still does not work out, we offer the possibility to change your lesson to another day within your stay or to switch the lesson to another family member. A lesson can be cancelled due to illness or injury if you provide us with a medical certificate.

  • What advantage do we have if we book the tickets for group lessons in advance?

    If you book group lessons in advance in our online booking, you will receive an email confirmation with attachment.  With this lesson confirmation, you can go directly to the meeting point on the first day of your ski lesson, so you no longer have to stop by one of our offices and buy a lesson ticket.

  • Do the booked ski days have to follow one after the other?

    Basically yes. It also makes sense to redeem the days in a row as the lessons have a build-up every day. If children or adults miss a day, it could be that they do not fit the group level anymore and therefore have to change groups.

  • At what age can children start to ski or snowboard?

    Ski lessons are available for children from the age of 3 - pedagogically trained instructors take care of the children, who cannot decide whether they prefer to play or ski.  With this method, the children are taught how to ski without any pressure. Snowboard lessons are recommended from the age of 5.

  • Is the ski pass included in the ski school prices?

    No. Children are free until the age of 5. The ski passes are sold separately.
    You can find more ski pass information at Skikarrussell Winterberg.

  • Is there a ski race during the week?

    Yes, the ski race takes place. The race is part of the lesson. To join the race you need a valid ski school ticket.

  • How early do we have to reserve a private instructor?

    The motto here is: the sooner the better! During busy holiday times, we would definitely recommend you to book your private lesson in advance per online booking, so that we can do our best to meet your wishes. Of course, a short-term booking in our offices on site according to availability is also possible.



  • Is the equipment included in ski school prices?

    No. Sports equipment must be rented or purchased independently.
    Please contact one of the sport shops Klante for more information:
    Skirental Klante


    Voor gasten die bij Skischool Winterberg Semmler lessen hebben geboekt staat een kostenloze pendel-skibus ter beschikking. Vooraanmelding is één dag in het vooruit tot 18 uur.

  • Payment methods in the office

    In our ski school offices it is possible to pay cash or by card. We accept American Express, Maestro, MasterCard, VPay and VISA.


Skischule Semmler Winterberg
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59955  Winterberg
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